Welcome to the Dutch language program at the Cité Scolaire Internationale in Ferney-Voltaire, France, near Geneva.

The program provides Dutch mother tongue language education for children from 4 to 18 years old, integrated in the French public school system.

  • children aged 4 to 5 join us on Wednesday afternoon
  • children aged 6 to 11, who attend local French primary schools, attend Dutch mother tongue classes for one afternoon a week during school hours
  • at secondary level, the program teaches « Dutch language and literature » (4h/week) and « History and Geography » (2h/week). These subjects are taught in Dutch, they are integrated in the French curriculum of the collège and lycée international that is taught in French. The students are prepared for the French exams of the « Brevet » and « Baccalauréat à Option Internationale ».

The courses are taught by qualified teachers in Ferney-Voltaire. The program is run by a parent’s association « Association pour la Langue Néerlandaise/ Vereniging Nederlandse Taal » (ALN/VNT) and is monitored by the French, Flemish and Dutch education inspection.